All About Todos Santos Travel Guide
The Complete Travel Guide to Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur, México.

  Put A Web Cam at Your Location ~ Get Visible!  

This is a webcam we recently placed in Cabo San Lucas.

Refresh your browser to see the latest image.  You can see the image refresh automatically here.

 Internet cameras (web cams) can be a marketing Dream Come True.  If they are promoted properly!

If the formula for success were simple - every business in the world would have a web cam!

In just the United States, México and Canada, there are almost 300 million people who use the Internet on a regular basis.  The North American continent has more Internet users, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.  As many as 86% of vacationers research their next trip by way of the Internet.  Because of this, the importance of high quality Internet promotions for Baja businesses cannot be overstated.

Every business needs more high impact promotion and all businesses need more web site traffic. This is simply a  fact-of-life, if success is one of your goals.  Webcams are a great way to get more visitors to your web site and getting these visitors to subconsciously embed your particular business in their mind.  This is especially true with regard to tourism related businesses.  An interesting webcam image will keep your prospective clients returning to your web site, over and over, to see the most recent images.  After viewing your LIVE image a few times, your business becomes an integrated part of the viewers subconscious perception of the area in which the promotion is running.  They will instinctively think of your business when they are planning their next vacation. 

Webcam promotions are only effective if a very complicated formula is used.  With the proper promotional package and a lot of hard work, webcams can become a very lucrative tool for your business!  The successful promotional formula is extremely complex and very time consuming.  It is nearly impossible for any individual or business to implement their own successful promotion.  If a webcam is not promoted properly, the cost of the web cam installation is the pretty much the same as throwing your money away.  If you have the proper location a webcam can be an incredible way to make your business grow and become recognized by Internet users from your targeted geographical area (from everywhere in the world actually).  We have been using, and promoting webcams for many (way to many) years. We are very experienced in web cam promotion and we can help your future clients become highly aware of your business!

We pioneered the use of web cams in México many years ago when dial up connections were the norm.  The incredibly slow connections of the time made the use of a web cam cumbersome, to say the least...but they still did an incredible job of promoting local businesses!  With the speed of today's internet connections a webcam is much easier to adapt into the promotion of your business.  Web cams make a lot of sense for someone who has an interesting view that can be used to draw attention to a business or a specialized location.  But - without the proper promotional path, even the most spectacular location will not begin to realize the full benefits that a first-rate webcam promotion is capable producing. 

Use the contact information below to learn how you can promote your business with a professionally installed, and properly promoted web cam, at your location.   

To contact us - Please Click Here.

 Telephone: 1 (877) 456-8585 (Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada) 
From México call 001 (936) 649-1515 - If we don't answer, leave your name & number.  We will then call you back, so the call will not cost you a lot.
San Ysidro, CA 92173

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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