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  Todos Santos Restaurants  

There are probably more GREAT restaurants in Todos Santos, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.

Great food that is almost to beautiful to eat...absolutely delicious!!!!
El Gusto at Hotel Posada La Poza...Perfection!

The most famous restaurant in Baja...maybe all of Mexico.
They set the standard for fine dining in Todos Santos.

It's what is served inside that counts and it is great!
La Casita - Don't let the exterior fool you!!!

A very relaxing setting in Todos Santos.
Desert Garden at Los Adobes...relaxing!
Fresh Grouper just out of the sea.  It was incredible!
The seafood is definitely fresh in Todos Santos - La Casita.
Especially here at Las Barajas.
Great tacos are everywhere in Todos Santos.

There are probably more GREAT restaurants in Todos Santos, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.  Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner.  A meal in Todos Santos could possibly transpire into the highlight of your entire vacation!  "Gourmet - Fresh" is the order of the day in many of the local eating establishments.  Much of the ingredient list, especially the veggies, chilies, greens and fruits, are organically grown and come from local sources.  Most of the seafood is caught locally and brought directly to the kitchen fresh out of the Pacific.  Todos Santos could just as easily be known as a "Chef's Colony" as many of the local chefs are truly creating art...and your table is their gallery.

If you do nothing else while you are in Todos Santos try to make it out to the Posada La Poza hotel (an amazing beach side location) for some of their exquisitely creative meals at restaurant El Gusto, you will not be disappointed!  The Cafe Santa Fe is the restaurant that put Todos Santos in the international spotlight many years ago, for good reason.  They  set the standard for fine dining in Todos Santos.  Proof that the outside of a restaurant is not a great way to judge what they serve inside is La Casita, the building is plain and simple, the location is just so-so, but the food served inside is just the opposite...simply incredible!  

There are also a lot of just "really good" restaurants and a few that serve just average food.  I'm sure there are a few local restaurants that are not so good, but it's rather difficult to find them.  A quick meal of street tacos, especially of the fish variety, have long been favorites with the locals, the surfers and those who just pass through Todos Santos on a regular basis. 

It is not uncommon for residents from all over southern Baja to make the drive to Todos Santos just to have lunch or an early weekend dinner.  That should tell you a little something about the quality of the food that is available in Todos Santos.  Be aware that some of these restaurants may close for a period of time during late summer (August -October). 

More than a few of the local hotels could survive on their own as gourmet restaurants, something that is not very common in México.  Below you will find a partial listing of Todos Santos restaurants, listed in no particular order.  We will be expanding this list in the near future.

Entertainment:  A few of the local restaurants and hotels feature various forms of live entertainment, usually in the form of live music.  La Esquina, Hotel California, La Bodega de Todos Santos, Hotel Guaycura, El Perico Azul, are a few of the places to enjoy live music.  There does not seem to be much of a set schedule (except at the Hotel California - Every Saturday at 8 PM) so call ahead, or ask around, to see what entertainment is available during your stay.   The Sand Bar and Baja Beans, both in Pescadero, offer live music at times, but maybe not on any set schedule.  Restaurants with (E) will sometimes have live entertainment, check locally for type of entertainment and schedule.




Local phone #
Area Code: (612)
El Gusto Restaurant Posada La Poza Hotel Fine Dining - Mexican Gourmet Cuisine - Snacks 145-0400
La Casita At the stop light. Tapas & Wine Bar - Lunch & Dinner Specials - Sushi 145-0192
Boyitacos Juárez St. - Centro Tacos - Burritos - Stuffed Potatoes - Burgers 145-0568
Cafe Santa Fe Across from the plaza. Gourmet Italian - Pasta - Pizza - Beef - Seafood 145-0340
Guaycura Restaurant (E) Inside the Guaycura Hotel Fine Dinning - Courteous Service 175-0800
Cafêlix Juárez St. - Centro Coffee - Breakfast - Lunch - Burgers - Pizza 145-0568
Cafe Brown Militar at Hidalgo - Centro Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 145-0813
Caffe Todos Santos Centro Bread - Pastries - Mexican - Daily Specials 145-0300
El Perico Azul Cafe - Bar (E) Topete &Centenario Sandwiches - Salads - Desserts - Cocktails 145-0664
Fonda El Zaguán Juárez St. - Centro Seafood & Vegetarian - Lunch & Dinner 127-0398
Desertu Calle Degollado Beef - Seafood - Pizza 145-0199
La Bodega de Todos Santos (E) Calle Hidalgo - Centro Wine Bar - Tapas - Tostados 152-9370
La Esquina (E) Topete across from Casa Dracula Sandwiches - Soups - Salads - Burritos - Wraps 145-0851
La Santeña At Hotel Casa Tota - Centro Food & Drink - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 145-0590
Landi's Restaurant At the Todos Santos Inn Traditional Mexican - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 145-0020
Los Adobes Centro Gourmet Mexican Cuisine 145-0203
La Coronela (E) Inside the Hotel California Mexican & International Cuisine - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 145-0525
Las Fuentes At the stop light. Traditional Mexican Specialties - Grilled Lobster 145-0257
Tre Gallines Centro Italian - Pasta - Fish - Beef 145-0274
Miguel's Across from Pemex Traditional Mexican - Seafood 145-0733
Shut Up Frank's Across from Pemex Hamburgers - Sports Bar 145-0707
wind and c at Suki's Calle Hidalgo - Centro Fresh Meats - Poultry - Organic Vegetables 145-0340
Zen Garden Calle Degollado Asian Cuisine - Fresh & Clean - Open Kitchen 145-1088
Baja Beans Roasting Co. (E) Pescadero Fresh Coffee - Sweets & Treats - Sunday Brunch 167-3139
The Sandbar (E) Pescadero Steak - Ribs - Burgers - Pizza 102-9135
Marina's Restaurant Bar & Grill (E) Pescadero Breakfast - Steak - Ribs - Burgers - Tacos - Fajitas 130-3267
Pizza Napoli Pescadero Pizza - Pasta - Chicken 156-27 22 (Cell)
Rancho Pescadero Hotel Rancho Pescadero Gourmet Grub - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 135-5849
Playa Cerritos Beach Club (E) Cerritos Beach - Km 64 - Highway 19 Sandwiches - Pasta - Soups - On the sand N/A
Carlito's Place Pescadero Asian Fusion - Sushi Bar 137-9419

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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