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  Todos Santos Rental Car Information  



Todos Santos is a small down by anyone's standards, but, it is spread out over a pretty large area.  That and the fact that there is no local airport make rental cars a common necessity for visitors to Todos Santos.  If you are not staying downtown or if you are planning to stay a while, you will probably want (need) a rental car.  Rental cars are readily available at the airports in La Paz and Los Cabos.  You will, more than likely, be flying into one of those two airports so that is most likely where you would pick up your car.  We have listed the most popular rental company's for both cities.  Todos Santos does have one rental car office, Fox, right across from the church.  You will usually get the best deal on a rental car by reserving it in the U.S. - before you leave for your vacation.

Make sure to check with your credit card company (before you leave) to find out if their insurance covers you (and the car) in México.  Always buy the liability coverage in México, as most credit card companies do not have that capability and your U.S. insurance company does not cover you in México.  Check the car over carefully, mark all dents and scratches on the damage control form.  Make sure there is a spare tire and a jack!  Do this before you leave the rental lot.  Make sure to have the rental car check-in agent go over the, make him look at the spare tire and  jack car and then sign off on the damage control form when you return the car.  This is much more important in México than it is in the U.S. or Canada.

FOX Rental Cars - Todos Santos Office - (612) 145-0615 (from U.S. add 011 52 before area code).

Shuttle Service to or from Todos Santos is available from Los Cabos and La Paz airports - Info is here.

San Jose del Cabo Rental Car Contacts

 Telephone From U.S.

 Airport phone:


Alamo (877) 222-9075 (624) 146-1900
Avis (800) 331-1212 (624) 146-1033
Budget Car Rental (800) 472-3325 (624) 146-5326
Europcar (888) 826-6890 (624) 146-5469
Hertz Car Rental (800) 654-3001 (624) 146-1803
National Car Rental (877) 222-9058 (624) 146-5021
Thrifty Car Rental (800) 847-4389 (624) 146-5030


La Paz Rental Car Contacts

 Telephone From U.S.

 Local phone:


Alamo (877) 222-9075 (612) 122-6262
Avis (800) 331-1212 (612) 122-2651
Budget Car Rental (800) 472-3325 (612) 123-3622
Europcar (888) 826-6890 (612) 124-7011
Hertz Car Rental (800) 654-3001 (612) 128-0919
National Car Rental (877) 222-9058 (612) 125-4747
Thrifty Car Rental (800) 847-4389 (612) 125-9696

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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