All About Todos Santos Travel Guide
The Complete Travel Guide to Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur, México.


Todos Santos Photo Gallery

Subtle but stunning!
Historical House Tour 2012
All new downtown buildings must display the look of historic Todos Santos
The new-old-look in Todos Santos.
Incredible restoration.
Historical House Tour 2012
Very colorful and very tasteful.
Colorful kitchen - Historical House Tour 2012
Old traditions still in use by the locals in Todos Santos.
Todos Santos washing machine.
Honest advertising...Is this a new concept?
An honest assessment of rare these days. 
The myth will probably live forever.
Local Hotel - Is that Don Henley by the car?
The palms make beautiful music with the slightest breeze.
Palm trees by the thousands = oasis by the sea!
I think he already used the hood.
When are we going back to town?  I need a rest room!
It saves the government a lot of money.
The local artists even do the road signs.
Ferocious Todos Santos guard dog!
The gate maker was creative...for sure.
A local gate...very artistic.
Polite...but to the point!
A problem of international pooportions.
Todos Santos bird watching is incredible.  Playa Las Palmas.  La Poza is even better!
Some of the best in all of Baja.
There are probably stranger items on other walls in Todos Santos.  Maybe not.
Strange wall art - expect anything in Todos Santos.
It's really the back of a local crafts store.
In Todos Santos they even decorate the ruins.
UGLY!!!  But functional.
Earth Ship???
Only in Baja.
Wide open beach front hotel.  It's called trust!
Pelicans are not picky eaters.
What is it?  Who cares.  I'm going to eat it!
A Todos Santos dragon...or whatever.  It is part of a local wall.
3D wall art.
1971 El Camino in Todos Santos. The El Camino is For Sale!
Classic Building - Classic El Camino

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