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Catching a marlin in a panga is quite an experience!
Marlin provide a lot of excitement in a panga.

And great to eat!  Have it grilled or maybe some fresh sushi.
Yellow fin tuna - Good exercise!

Have your dorado cooked at a local restaurant, and enjoy.
Dorado are always fun. (and GREAT to eat)

Whales are a common sight on Todos Santos fishing trips.
Unexpected surprise! - Very close to shore.
Nice catch of sierra and yellowtail!
Not a bad day - by anyone's standards.
Please don't touch or bother the turtles in any way.
An endangered leatherback turtle gets up close!

Fishing in Todos Santos is a bit different than most other southern Baja locations.  The waters of the Pacific Ocean off of Todos Santos are very productive and you will find that there are hardly ever any crowds.  Panga fishing is the name of the game here and that usually adds a touch of excitement to your fishing day, as you enter the water directly from the beach.  The fishing fleet is located at Punta Lobos which is just a short distance south of town.

The variety of fish that frequent the local waters is pretty amazing and most of the time all of the species are found relatively close to shore.  Once you are in open water there are marlin of the stripped, blue and black variety, there are also sailfish, spearfish, dorado, yellow fin tuna, rooster fish, wahoo, yellowtail, jack crevalle, sierra, amberjack, skipjack and  many more.  For bottom fishermen there are grouper, cabrilla, pargo, dog snapper and others.  Although not all that common, sharks and even a few snook are caught near Todos Santos every year.

A day on the water can mean more than just fishing.  You may be surprised by a dolphin show as they dance around your boat, whales (in season) come in very close to shore near Todos Santos and seem to be attracted to the pangas.  The large numbers of manta rays in the area can also put on quite as show, as the fly and flop in the air all around your boat.  Turtles are often seen pretty close to shore, as well.  You could also request a combo trip, a few hours of fishing and a few hours of sightseeing or playing with the sea lions in the cove just around the corner from Punta Lobos.  Remember, a good day fishing - is a great day...period!  It really doesn't matter whether your are fishing from a panga or an 80 foot luxury yacht. 

Also available is excellent surf fishing on mile after mile of Pacific beaches.  Pargo, cabrilla, sierra, snapper and even rooster fish are caught from the shore all along the Pacific beaches very close to Todos Santos. 

If you should happen to catch dorado, wahoo, tuna or grouper ask your captain about having your fish prepared, while it is still fresh, at one of the local restaurants.  If you wish to bring you fish back home with you, have it frozen by your charter operator.  Make sure to check with your airline for their requirements regarding the types of acceptable coolers used to transport your catch.  The cooler rules usually vary by airline and are subject to change.  Be prepared, it would be a real shame to have to leave your fish at the airport.

Note: Anyone that is going to be fishing or diving will need a valid Mexican fishing license.  You can now buy them, and print them, on-line (and they are good for anywhere in México).  You can buy them online here.  Remember, you will not be allowed to fish without a valid fishing license.  You do not need a fishing license for snorkeling, whale watching or sightseeing.

Todos Santos Fishing Providers

Todos Santos Fishing Charters
Panga fishing in Todos Santos - Whale Watching - Sightseeing Charters - Dive Trips - Photography
Todos Santos cell phone: (612) 119-7880 - From U.S. 011 52 1 (612) 119-7880 

Todos Santos Eco Adventures
Todos Santos activities specialist - The most experienced in Todos Santos
 Tel: (612) 145-0189 - From U.S. (619) 446-6827

Todos Santos Fishing Videos

Dorado Underwater - Fishing in Todos Santos
34 Seconds

Stripped Marlin Underwater - Fishing in Todos Santos
1 Minute 31Seconds


Roster Fish Underwater - Fishing in Todos Santos
1 Minute 12 Seconds


Fishing in Todos Santos - Whale jumping while fishing.
25 Seconds


Coming back to the beach.
22 Seconds
Amazing  - Whales communicating underwater.  Not fishing...but listen anyway!
50 Seconds

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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