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All About Todos Santos Travel Guide
The Complete Travel Guide to Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur, México.

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Our network of Baja tourism sites is now on target to deliver over 1,000,000 page views per year.

This site has been created to present high quality information to travelers that will be visiting Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  The creators of this site have been involved in Mexican tourism web sites and the Internet for over fifteen years.  More than twenty web sites later, and here we are - at it again - back in our favorite area, Southern Baja.

We got started in Baja and we know the entire southern Baja area very well.  We created the Internet's most popular local web site many years ago and we intend to do it again!  We will be offering a limited amount of advertising and sponsorship space on this site (and our other, soon to be completed network** of Southern Baja sites).  Much of our advertising strategy for local businesses is seemingly very subtle, some is not so subtle at all.  We can make your local business presence known in various ways.  If you want to jump out at our visitors in a strong show of presence, we have a program for that.  If you want a less conspicuous ad campaign we can provide that also.  In the past, we designed special promotions for local businesses that were so successful that the management team, that was the benefactor of the program, was totally shocked (in a good way). 

The creators of this site have been highly successful with other Mexico related tourism sites.  We are focused on easy to use web sites that are kept current and provide sensible and reliable information for travelers.  We do not claim to be web designers, we create web sites that are extremely functional although they may not be that attractive to look at.  The point here is that most Internet users (especially travelers) are looking for information, not fancy graphics, they do not care what a web site looks like as long as it is easy to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. We have learned this over the years by building a lot of high traffic web sites, none of which were very pretty.  But...they all worked extremely well for visitors and for our advertisers and sponsors.  

There are a lot of web sites that are dedicated to Todos Santos, or some special aspect of Todos Santos.  There is a lot of information about Todos Santos. on the Internet.  Some of the information is excellent, some not so good.  Many of the current Todos Santos sites are fine, but many more are outdated.  Some of these web sites are poorly organized, making them hard to navigate and difficult to understand.  Some of the existing sites are so far off base that they shouldn't even exist. 

Ad campaigns for all businesses and all budgets.  You can have your business featured on several web sites, instead of just one.

We offer advertising and sponsorship packages that are very reasonable, when compared to other forms of advertising.  We can tailor special packages to promote almost any kind of business, large or small.  All you need is a web site and the desire for more traffic to your web site.  Our sponsorship packages provide maximum exposure to Todos Santos visitors.  Sponsorship packages show the world that your business, or product, is a major player in the local marketplace.  Our reasonably priced sponsorship packages provide maximum exposure and maximum return from your advertising dollar.  We also have the capabilities of creating, distinctive, high impact promotions that can be based over a period of time or tied into most types of special events.

Very soon we will have a network of seven (possibly eight) interconnected Baja related web sites that will greatly increase your advertising or sponsorship reach.  This interconnected network will provide maximum exposure for all of our sites as well as offering much more coverage for our advertising clients and our sponsors.  This is a high beneficial and efficient method of placing your advertising if you want to capture an audience that is actually searching for local information. 

Let us help you expose your business to travelers that are going to be in Todos Santos and other parts of southern Baja.  These are the very people that you need to be targeting with your advertising and promotions if you are reading this page. 

Our first site, AllAboutBaja.com, is online and growing at a very rapid pace.  Our other sites, All About Cabo, All About San Jose del Cabo and All About La Paz were recently launched.  All About the East Cape will be online soon to become a part of our, interconnected, southern Baja network of web sites. 

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We are always available to discuss your advertising or promotional needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: 1 (877) 456-8585 (Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada)
From México call 001
(936) 649-1515 and leave a message if we don't answer.   We will then call you right back so the call will not cost you a lot.

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