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  Todos Santos Activities  

A Todos Santos vacation can be truly unforgettable, if you do it right!

Mountain biking near Todos Santos.

Visit with mountain potters.

Horseback riding on the beach.

Surfing lessons for the family.

Historical town tour and...

art gallery visits.

Todos Santos offers many activities that will satisfy active vacationers, nature loving visitors and also a number of soft activities that tend to be more slanted toward the many cultural offerings available here.  Diverse offerings include everything from an incredible fishing experience, mountain biking, bird watching and almost everything in between.  Because of where Todos Santos is located you would think that water based activities should be one of the biggest draws, but Todos Santos is not totally about water based activities, they are here, but there are also numerous other things to enjoy. 

Hiking on the gentle hills and cliffs surrounding the local beaches to serious four day treks up into the Sierra de Laguna mountain range should be enough to make the hikers in your group happy.  Treks to some nearby waterfalls is a fairly vigorous  adventure, until you get there, it then becomes especially soothing and relaxing.  The mountains south of Todos Santos are home to some mountain potters who still practice the art of making pottery the way it has been done for centuries, no modern methods for the villagers of Candelaria.  Mountain bike tours are a popular agenda for those who like to do things on wheels.

Fishing the local waters could easily surprise even the experienced fishermen.  Dorado, yellow fin tuna, marlin and many other species abound in the local waters.  You will mostly likely see some whales (in season) or dolphins maybe even a sea turtle on your Todos Santos fishing trip.  There is the chance to do some incredible panga fishing at nearby Punta Lobos.  Fishing and surfing go hand in hand with the Pacific ocean and there are several options when it comes to either surfing or fishing in, and around, Todos Santos.  Surf fishing options are plentiful all along the magnificent coastline.  See our: Todos Santos Fishing page.

If you are not an experienced surfer, surfing lessons are available and could prove the be the highlight of a Todos Santos vacation especially for the children.  Because of the variety of local beaches and breaks Todos Santos is a great place for novice as well as experienced surfers.  There is a special week long surf camp that is just for girls and women which makes for a great "all girls - only" getaway.  This surf camp offers surfing lessons, cooking classes, yoga classes, a trip to the islands near La Paz where you will swim with the sea lions, delicious meals, a couple of relaxing massages and more.  A week long cooking package that includes field trips and classes with local chefs, and a local mountain ranch family is another adventure that is especially tempting for the ladies.

Historical tours delve into the rich history of Todos Santos and give you a glimpse into what it was like in Todos Santos in times past.  Many of the original historical buildings in Todos Santos have been meticulously restored and make it fairly easy to imagine yourself in another era.   Combine a historical tour with visits to the local art galleries and this tour really gets interesting.

Horseback riding along the beach at sunset is a perfect escape for many, add a little champagne along the way and it gets even better.  Bird watching in Todos Santos can be very satisfying even for experts.  There are several nearby lagoons that attract birdwatchers from all over the world, with over one hundred species already locally recorded, in just one location.  Combining  bird watching with a little champagne on the beach, and some stargazing, then sitting down to a gourmet meal could easily become the highlight of your entire vacation. 

Volunteer tours (VolunTourism) are gaining in popularity and can be a very fulfilling way to spend, at least part of, your vacation.   Bridge-to-English is a great 'soft-adventure' program that allows you to spend part of your day exploring the natural, cultural and culinary beauty of Baja, while still having time to volunteer as a language mentor as much as you like.  Bridge-to-English pairs native speakers of English with local language students, and is extremely popular among the local community, as no child wanting to learn English is ever turned away.  No previous teaching experience is required to be a language mentor - just bring your own style and a bit of enthusiasm.  See also: Our Todos Santos Charities page.

If you do not see an activity or adventure that you can't live without on your Todos Santos vacation, contact Sergio Jáuregui at Todos Santos Eco Adventures.  He will probably be able to design a personalized custom adventure that is designed perfectly for your particular needs.

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Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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