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  Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos  

Beautiful beach right along side productive agriculture fields.
The beach at Pescadero, from the north.

Pescadero, B.C.S. just south of Todos Santos.
Agriculture by the sea in Pescadero.

Tranquility by the sea.
The beach at Pescadero, from the south.
It will get a bit more crowded later in the day.
Playa Los Cerritos on a quiet morning.
The Pescadero chili fields are undergoing big changes.
Development and agriculture - side by side.
A very popular spot, especially on weekends.
Playa Cerritos Beach Club.

El Pescadero

Up until a few years ago Pescadero (the El is usually not used) was a sleepy agricultural community that was so typical of many early Baja settlements.  My how things have changed!  Development and commerce have finally come to Pescadero in a pretty big way, which is not really a bad thing.  Development brings with it the opportunity for entrepreneurial advancement for the locals.  The influx of new businesses in Pescadero is mostly due to the rapid development that is taking place here and a fair share of the new businesses are locally owned.  

There is still a lot of farming activity, the area is famous for the quality of the chilies and basil grown here.  Mango and papaya trees were often used as property dividers in this fertile valley that fronts on the Pacific Ocean.  Along with the mangos and papayas produced the local fields also produce all kinds of organic produce, strawberries and a very flavorful cherry tomato.  The noticeable difference is that now you will see private homes popping up in the middle of a productive field of chilies or strawberries. 

New hotels and restaurants are popping up all over the place and several are in the upper end of the scale.  Rancho Pescadero, on the beach, is an incredible hotel with service to match the outstanding design.  There are quite a few comfortable guest houses, B&B's and private rentals along the beach, mixed in with the chili fields and orchards.  All have one main theme, total relaxation.

The actual town of Pescadero lies a bit inland from the beach and it is undergoing its fair share of change also.  New businesses and some quality restaurants are popping up like never before.  The scope and quality of of the local eateries is amazing.  Live entertainment used to be limited to the Sand Bar restaurant/ bar, but that too has changed.  Several of the new establishments are now featuring entertainment on a regular basis.  

Playa Los Cerritos

Playa Cerritos is undergoing big changes also.  This beach, that has long been a favorite of surfers, is getting its share of development just like its northern neighbor of Pescadero.  Condominiums, high end homes, a luxury hotel and a time share type property have recently appeared on the scene.  The Cerritos beach club has been a popular local attraction for some time.  They were the first local restaurant to present any kind of live entertainment, although that has changed recently as some of the restaurants in Pescadero are now offering live entertainment.  The beach club is again hosting the Baja Reggae festival in April, which, after an absence of a few years, should prove to be a welcome addition to the local music scene.

This is a great beach with good facilities and is the beach is watched over by lifeguards most of the time. The beach club makes it real easy to come and spend a few hours or a whole day.  You can get surfing lessons or rent surfboards here and there are usually some nice waves for beginners. Bring the kids and enjoy a leisurely lunch, you can keep your eye on them from your table in the sand.  Do some surf fishing while you are visiting, you never know what you may catch.  Also available, a beach side massage table that can make for a very relaxing day.

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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