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The Complete Travel Guide to Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur, México.

  About This Site  

This site has been created to share accurate information for travelers to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  The creators and contributors have lived full, or part time, in southern Baja for a long while.  We figured it was about time to put together a really complete and easily navigable web site about this small corner of paradise that is located near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula.  The creators of this site are focused on easy to use web sites that are kept current and provide high quality information for travelers.  We are not artsy web designers, we create web sites that are fast and functional, though they may not be real pretty.  You will find no professional graphics on this site, but, you will find accurate information.  The point here is that most Internet surfers, especially travelers, are looking for information not fancy graphics, most do not care what a web site looks like as long as it is fast and makes it easy to find what you are looking for. We have learned this from building quite a few highly popular web sites, none of which were very pretty.  

There are a lot of web sites that are dedicated to Todos Santos, or some special aspect of this magical city in Baja California Sur.  There is a lot of information about Todos Santos out on the web.  Some of this information is pretty decent, some not so good.  Many of the current Todos Santos sites are fine, but many more are outdated and even more are poorly organized, making them hard to navigate.  Some of the existing web sites are so far off base that they shouldn't even be allowed to exist. 

What we hope to accomplish with is this;  A one stop web site, that's easy to navigate, where visitors will be able to find all of the information they need quickly, along with links to other web sites that provide even more excellent and up-to-date Todos Santos information. 

This site will never be finished!  We will continue to update the content, both written and visual, on a regular basis.  We will be adding more webcams, possibly a blog, videos, new and updated maps and additional content.  As we enjoy the area so much, we don't see this project as ever being finished, we will be constantly updating the site content.

If you have (or know of someone who has) ideas for content or information that you feel is relevant to this site, please let us know.  We appreciate any kind of input and will review all suggestions, written articles and quality photos of the many locations and activities that exist in the Todos Santos area.  Although we will review all submissions, we will only consider using those that we feel are well written and contain useful information.  Any photos submitted, and used, will be given photo credit by way of mouse over text, embedded within the photo, if it is placed on our site.  We cannot promise that anything we receive will be used on this site, but we can promise that everything submitted will be considered.

If you came to this site to "borrow" images, maps, content or anything else, you should read the spiel that our attorney friend prepared, and is more than willing to defend, for us. Click here to read the legal stuff.

We are not affiliated, in any way, with any other web sites or any of the companies that we provide links to, or that provide links back to us. There are a few of exceptions - our sister sites are All About Baja, All About Cabo , All About San Jose del Cabo and All About La Paz.

To give us your suggestions, thoughts, opinions or complaints - Click here.

Telephone: 1 (877) 456-8585 (Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada)
San Ysidro, CA 92173

Enjoy Todos Santos - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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