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All About Todos Santos

Todos Santos beaches.  Very special

Todos Santos, a vibrant oasis, is famous in much of the world as an artist's colony and that distinction is aptly applied.  But Todos Santos is so much more to many Baja travelers.  Todos Santos is situated half way between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas (approx. one hour from each, by car) directly on the Tropic of Cancer.  The surrounding area is very fertile and blessed with an abundant water supply from the nearby mountains.  The town is most definitely an oasis, one of the few in all of Baja. The immense palm groves, running streams, mango orchards and the multi-colored residential gardens give the town a feeling of total serenity. 

The outlying edges of Todos Santos touch the shores of the Pacific Ocean but the main part of town is inland, about a half mile away from the water.  At first glance this historic town might not seem to live up to its reputation as a great place to live or visit.  That all changes once you have had a chance to snoop around a little bit, and it gets a lot easier to uncover the laid back, yet stimulating, personality of Todos Santos.  You really should spend a few days (minimum) to discover the charm of the town and the friendly character of the locals that seems to just sort of soak in, slowly for some visitors and almost instantly for others.  All About Todos Santos is continued here.

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